19 October 2011

Megan's Party shoes

Because I am a podiatrist my niece likes to tease me by buying shoes with 5 inch heels. While they are entirely inappropriate for everyday wear they might be fun for 1/2 hour standing at a Christmas party.

Bah humbug

5" heels!!! [...]

11 December 2009

Important points when buying shoes

When buying shoes there are several factors to consider.

Buy shoes in the afternoon because your feet will be slightly larger in the afternoon. Bear in the mind that the shape of the shoe should be similar to the shape of the foot and make sure they fit the longer [...]

10 December 2009

Do your shoes fit properly?


Is the toe box large enough? Can you wiggle your toes? If you can comfortably wiggle your toes there should be enough room for your toes when you walk

Is the shoe long enough? There should be about ½ inch or 1 cm from the longest toe to the end of [...]

About Me

My name is Sue Ferguson and I am a chiropodist and podiatrist working in private practice in Tenterden, Kent, in the south east of England.

Sue Ferguson, Chiropodist and Podiatrist
Sue Ferguson
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I am registered with the Health Professions Council, the regulatory body for health professionals and I have been treating feet for over 20 years.

For further information about my chiropody practice see my practice website where you will find lots of tips and information.

From a professional point of view I find feet, foot conditions and shoes fascinating. I spent the first part of my life waiting for the Internet to be invented and now it's here I want to share my enthusiasm about feet with you all.

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