31 October 2013

Halloween discount from ECCO shoes

Today only: Halloween discount from ECCO shoes. 30% off 2nd pair of shoes or boots with code “HALLOWEEN30″, valid 31 October 2013 only. I love ECCO shoes, they are so comfortable

Go straight to Ecco UK store here [...]

12 October 2012

Ecco Terra Ankle Boots

Ecco Terra Ankle Boots

Ecco Terra Ankle Boots

My new winter boots … well one of the pairs (of many to come… maybe). I thought it was time for a new addition to the shoe family!

I’m glad to see that my local shoe shop Mostyn McKenzie in Tenterden now have a good [...]

21 September 2011

Autumn 2011 boots now in stock Ugg, FitFlop, Ecco, Hotter

Bring on winter, I want to road test some of these fantastic winter boots. Which ones are you going to choose? The sophisticated fashion boots or the practical snow boots? An exclusive 5% discount code is available for use at Cloggs online shoe shop www.cloggs.co.uk – place the code “FERGUSON5″ in the relevant area [...]

16 September 2011

Ecco TV advert - love the music, love the advert, love the shoes

The latest Ecco TV commercial made me smile. Ecco like a lot of companies are getting very sophisticated with their "story telling" TV adverts and this one is so appealing. A highly recommended watch. Mood music, smouldering lingering close ups of beautiful twenty somethings in a natural outdoor setting. And, oh yes look at [...]

5 September 2010

Buyer Beware on Ebay

Can you trust everything you see for sale on Ebay? I’ve just seen some "new" "Ecco Xpedition" boots for sale on Ebay. Either the "new" Ebay Ecco boots (first photo below) are really old or they are fakes. I’ve never seen any that look like this before and sad as it sounds, I know [...]

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