2 November 2010

The welly that thinks its a trainer

Have fun splashing through puddles while keeping your feet dry. Why did nobody think of this before. If you don’t want to sacrifice style then look no further than these shiny patent bad weather boots from Nike.

They probably won’t be a bit hit with the Volvo and Labrador dog walking brigade but [...]

16 March 2010

Ugg boots - lack of support

There are lots of reports in the newspapers today about how copycat or fake Ugg Boots are damaging our feet because of lack of support. We’ve all seen people wearing Uggs (real ones and imitation or fake ones) shuffling around. Many of the Ugg boots seem to be broken down at the heel causing [...]

22 February 2010

Ugg Boots for wet weather?

A Guardian article today discusses whether Uggs are suitable as wet-weather footwear.

Well the regular Uggs might not be suitable in the rain but what about the wet-weather Uggs? I know that loads of people tramp around in bad weather in regular Uggs and author Hadley Freeman is absolutely right – they are not [...]

11 February 2010

Winter Shoes and Boots at the Pub Quiz

At the pub quiz (The William Caxton in Tenterden, Kent) last night our team had a particularly tough time with the 2008 pop music round. It wasn’t our genre at all and we managed to score a pitiful 0/10 for this round. So to amuse myself while the music round was going on I [...]

15 January 2010

Ecco Winter Zone Boots

My new Ecco Winter Zone Boots purchased a few months ago have been fantastic in the snow, ice and slush. I am really impressed how good the tread has been and I haven’t slipped at all. They seem to be completely waterproof even when shovelling snow or walking through several inches of snow or [...]

27 November 2009

Another pair of boots

Black Active Tamaris Lace up Boot

I tend not to buy many pairs of shoes and boots, but this year I have surpassed myself with yet another pair. Here we have another brand new pair of boots, in black of course. I came across the Tamaris brand from Germany about 4 years ago [...]

22 November 2009

Lacing my new Ecco Boots

Here I am relacing my new Ecco Boots

Here are my new Ecco boots relaced. The laces are supposed to just go once through the first eyelet holes and the tab at the front of the boot. However I have found it is much better to go through the tab twice as it seems [...]

22 November 2009

Customising Footwear

I treated myself to some rather nice Ecco boots the other day (Ecco Winter Zone). They are warm, cosy, lace up and very sensible for winter walking. However there was a design fault with the tongue. When I laced them up the excess bits of tongue doubled over and pressed painfully into the side [...]

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