10 March 2010

Are high heels going out of fashion

Is it possible to look properly dressed at the office, at a night club or even at the Oscars (if you were lucky enough to be invited!), in flats or kitten heels or do you have to wear high heels? It certainly seems to be a dilemma for some people. Fancy having to choose in the morning between the high heels or the kitten heels; what a choice. Maybe it depends on how far you are going to be walking. Maybe it depends on what you think you can get away with. Well for me there would be no decision to make; the low heels would win hands down. Why? I can’t even stand up in high heels let alone walk in them. How Victoria Beckham walks in her high heels is a mystery to me.

The fashion editor of the Times newspaper, Lisa Armstrong, reckons you need to wear high heels with certain outfits otherwise it doesn’t look right. Well she’s right about that. I don’t think a smart outfit with comfy Ugg boots are going to give the best look especially if you are conducting an important fashion meeting. So I doubt she has a choice sometimes but her osteopath seems to be offering very sound advice – stop wearing the heels if you want to make your back feel better.

Lisa mentions her sheepskin lined biker boots…. they sound so comfy! You just have to wear the leggings and casual clothes with them to make them look good.

You choose – which look more comfortable to wear all day?
High heels
High Heeled Shoe Boots
Biker Boots - black patent
Black patent Biker Boots

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