10 December 2009

Do your shoes fit properly?


  • Is the toe box large enough? Can you wiggle your toes? If you can comfortably wiggle your toes there should be enough room for your toes when you walk
  • Is the shoe long enough? There should be about ½ inch or 1 cm from the longest toe to the end of shoe when you are standing. Lift your longest toe up so it is touching the shoe and press with your thumb to feel where the toe is
  • Are the shoes wide enough? Rub your thumb across the widest part of the foot/shoe. If the leather/fabric moves slightly then the shoes are the correct width. If the leather/fabric ripples significantly the shoes are too wide. If the leather/fabric looks tight across the forefoot, your foot is wider than the sole or you can see parts of your feet bulging through the shoes then the shoes are too tight.
  • Does your heel fit in the shoe snugly? The heel must not rub or slip.
  • Is the ball of your foot in the widest part of the shoe? If it isn’t then the shoe won’t flex in the right place when you walk
  • Does any part of the shoe pinch or rub? The shoes are not right for you.


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