4 November 2010

Treating ingrown toenails in babies

If your baby has an ingrown toenail:

  • Soak your baby’s feet in warm salt water 2-3 times a day
  • Use loose fitting socks or nothing
  • After soaking or a bath try to very gently lift the toenail
  • After soaking or a bath try to very gently squeeze any pus out
  • Trim regularly
  • Your doctor might prescribe a topical antibiotic cream, or systemic antibiotics in extreme cases
Photos of Ingrown Toenails in Babies
Photo- ingrown toenail newborn baby
Baby now 6 weeks old and taking antibiotics
Photo - ingrowing toenail in babies
Ingrown toenail – baby 6 weeks old
Photo - ingrown toenail in baby

The baby was born with a film of skin over both big toenails. The advice from the doctor was "don’t worry, just keep an eye on it". However the tissues became red, swollen and inflamed. At 5½ weeks old the baby started on flucloxacillin. The photos were taken 2 days after the start of the antibiotics.

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