17 February 2011

Help my toenail has gone brown and thick - Part 1

If your toenail is brown or yellow, is thicker than normal, or has white flaky patches, you probably have a fungal nail infection. The fungus normally affects a small part of the toenail at first and it is only when the weeks and months pass by, and the toenail looks more and more unhealthy, that you realise you have a problem. If you don’t treat the infected toenail as soon as possible the infection can spread further over the whole toenail and then into your other nails. Without treatment the toenail will not get better on its own.

So if you think you have a fungal toenail infection watch this excellent Scholl video below. If you want to cure your fungal toenail infection see Part 2 – Help my toenail has gone brown and thick about an exciting new Scholl product – Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment.

53 comments to Help my toenail has gone brown and thick – Part 1

  • I certainly do not “fail to understand” why people search for active ingredients. I think it can very occasionally be a relevant search term for a member of the public to use, however it’s what a health professional would often search for. You searched in Google for “does scholl fungal nail treatment work” and I think that’s a pretty normal thing for a member of the public to search for.

    Tea tree oil is often reported to be a useful treatment for fungal infections (and bacteria, viruses and more) however its effectiveness has got to be considered somewhat limited. Perhaps for very mild conditions it might be a reasonable option. Some of the nails I see are so heavily infected with fungus that I doubt very much whether tea tree oil on its own would come anywhere near dealing with the problem.

    If you thought the tea tree oil worked for you last year you should use it again this year. That’s if it was a fungal nail infection last year and that’s if it did get rid of the fungal infection completely.

    The only thing that is certain when treating fungal nail infections is that no one product is going to work for everyone, and for a very small percentage of people unfortunately nothing will work. However for all the people out there reading this, it’s worth trying something as soon as possible because if you do nothing then the fungal nail infection will in all probability get worse and possibly spread to other nails as well.

    And just for good measure, I will mention these other products: Clearzal, Loceryl (Amorolfine) / Curanail, Trosyl (tioconazole), Lamisil (terbinafine)

  • David

    What is the active ingredients in the Scholls Nail Fungus Treatment?
    there is no info on the box, the insert, or on the website.
    Are there no legal implications to that?

  • If you look above you will see the list of ingredients.

    Legal implications – sorry but I’ve no idea of the legal implications in South Africa.

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