9 April 2014

His and Her new shoes

Came today, aren’t they fab. Ecco shoes, love them

Ecco shoes his and hers
6 April 2014

Ecco Sport Shoes collection

Kick start Spring with lots of movement and exercise. Ecco offer a wide range of high quality running, golf and outdoor shoes. Click here to see the fantastic Ecco sport collection

Ecco Sport Collection
Ecco Sport Collection - golf, outdoors, running
31 October 2013

Halloween discount from ECCO shoes

Today only: Halloween discount from ECCO shoes. 30% off 2nd pair of shoes or boots with code “HALLOWEEN30″, valid 31 October 2013 only. I love ECCO shoes, they are so comfortable

Ecco Shoes Halloween discountGo straight to Ecco UK store here
1 September 2013

MBT Super Trainers

I’ve never forgotten trying on some MBT trainers in a shop one day. I had no intention of buying them; I just wanted to try them on to see what all the hype was about. I couldn’t believe how awful they felt; unstable, uncomfortable, ghastly, never mind the £250 price tag. I have never recommended MBTs to my patients.

According to the Daily Mail today a scientific study commissioned by the company has shown no benefits for low back pain sufferers – and "in some cases can make problems worse". Fad is all I can say, it’s a bit like barefoot running. A patient of mine decided to try barefoot running; the first time out resulted in a fractured metatarsal bone and a plaster cast for 6 weeks!

The findings are due to be published in the journal Spine in October and "will add to the woes of MBT, coming just 18 months after the Swiss parent company filed for bankruptcy"

Why £250 MBTs wont put an extra spring in your step

Daily Mail article: download PDF here

1 September 2013

ECCO competition: win a bag worth up to £399.99

Participate in the ECCO competition and get the chance to win the perfect bag for this season

Ecco UKECCO competition
11 August 2013

It's summer but the new autumn shoes are arriving

Ecco shoes and boots – I just love these shoes, they are sooooo comfortable

Click here
Ecco shoes new arrivals

New arrivals – ladies footwear newest arrivals

New arrivals – mens footwear newest arrivals

I bought these lace up boots (ECCO Chase) last winter and I’m going to buy exactly the same ones again this winter, same colour, same size, same boot! They are amazingly comfortable, a wide fit, plenty of room for the various lumps and bumps on my feet including my bunion (I have to be so careful with shoes now, no seams in the wrong place, no eyelet holes in the wrong place, wide enough in the forefoot). If you have narrow feet these boots won’t suit you as they are a lovely generous fit.

Ecco lace up boots

Which shoes shall I buy for Bill? I wonder what Bill thinks? We’ll soon find out!

Ecco urban mens
Ecco Remote mens
12 July 2013

Hotter Shoes 3 for 2 code

Hotter shoes 3 for 2 code
Click here to see the great styles

£10 Off men’s and women’s and FREE Delivery with the code XHFTPD until 18/07/13
10% Off men’s and women’s and FREE Delivery with the code XHATEN until 31/12/13
3 for 2 with the code XHETFT until 31/12/13

8 June 2013

The ultimate multi-purpose shoe

Free advertising for the ultimate multi-purpose Walmart slip-on shoes in the Daily Mail

Square toes - mens shoes

What the shop description says:

"Alluring square toe slip-on with charming detail and design. A must have for your dress collection this season"

What the customer says:

"Most comfortable shoes ever … the best part is, I can flip pancakes with them"

More reviews

"you need to wear mudguards as on a rainy day you will get your face splashed"

"thanks to these new super-shoes I can shovel the pavement while I walk"

"I get many compliments at the beach when I wear them with my speedos"


Stylish in burgundy too !

burgundy square toes

Read the article in the Daily Mail


13 May 2013

Patient question: Why do my feet hurt?

Picking up the patient’s shoes I had my answer. No support, no protection from the elements, "they are damaging your feet"

"Buy some new shoes … immediately".

Worn out shoes - why do my feet hurt
Worn out shoes … the sole
Worn out shoes - why do my feet hurt
Worn out shoes … from the inside
Worn out shoes - why do my feet hurt
Worn out shoes … close up … you can see through them
5 April 2013

Special offers at Hotter Shoes this April

  • Save £5 on 1 pair of shoes with code ‘XHCOBD‘ until 25th April
  • Save £20 on 2 pairs of shoes with code ‘XHCOBD‘ until 25th April
  • Save £30 on 3 pairs of shoes with ‘XHCOBD‘ until 25th April
Hotter Shoes April discounts
Hotter Sandals
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Also 10% off plus free delivery with code XHATEN (valid until 25th April)

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